Florida’s Grown Folks Black History Tour Honors Zora Neal Hurston

  By Douglas C. Lyons SAINT AUGUSTINE — The legendary Zora Neale Hurston and the town of Eatonville, are almost inseparable. Eatonville is ¬†one of the nation’s oldest all-black townships and the literary, if not spiritual, home of Ms. Hurston. But, you won’t find a state historic marker erected in Ms.Hurston’s honor in the town […]

Martin Luther King’s St. Augustine Campaign

  “St. Augustine represented a change. For the first time, [Dr. Martin Luther] King was sending SCLC troopers into a situation not to help the local black population, but to influence developments on the national scene. Explained C. T. Vivian, ‘Doc felt if we brought out the Klan and all the rest, it would make […]