Where Is Douglas C. Lyons Going With This ‘Florida Black Historic Marker Tour’ Now?

Mark your calendars. We’re coming up on the third stop of the “Florida Black Historic Marker Tour.” We’ve already visited¬†Delray Beach and Rosewood. Where to next? Be here at www.blackinfla.com on Thursday, July 6th to see our next destination. Check out our trip through Florida’s Black History.¬†You’ll enjoy the ride and might even learn something. […]

Rosewood Marks the Second Stop of the ‘Florida Black Historic Marker Tour’

  By Douglas C. Lyons ROSEWOOD — Drive too fast and you’ll miss it. The name may exist on a map as a dot along State Road 24 just outside of Cedar Key. In real life, however, it’s a stretch of two-lane highway surrounded by fields. Off to the side is the historic marker that […]