Florida’s ‘Grown Folks’ Black History Month Tour

Fourth in a series of Florida “Black” Historic Marker Destinations By Douglas C. Lyons ROSEWOOD — On January 1, 1923, this enclave of modest houses and small businesses in Levy County, came to an end. Today, the only reminder of its existence is a historic marker along State Road 24 just outside of Cedar Key. […]

A Different Take on the Rosewood Massacre

    “The white press depicted Rosewood as a riot stemming from the familiar poisonous root of sexual assault, exacerbated by Negroes with guns. But the black press cast the fighters of Rosewood as heroes. The New York Age compared the incident to recent acts of self-defense in Chicago where ‘the Negro was not afraid […]

Gov. Lawton Chiles Compensates Rosewood Massacre Descendants

  By Douglas C. Lyons Every now and then the state government of Florida does the right thing and acknowledges a historic wrong, sometimes it goes as far as to commemorate that transgression. Such was the case on May 4, 1994. That was the date when the late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles signed a $2.1 […]

New Year’s Day Not Good for Rosewood

By Douglas C. Lyons New years always bring changes. For many blacks,  2017 brings a sense of dread with the incoming Trump administration threatening to undo much of the progress made in government under President Barack Obama. Imagine the fear 94 years ago on New Years Day when the 200 residents of Rosewood were chased […]