The Groveland Boys Had a Friend in the Florida NAACP

  “While [Thurgood] Marshall and [Franklin] Williams attempted to put together a preliminary legal strategy, the New York office of the NAACP advised Harry T. Moore in Florida that the Legal Defense Fund would vigorously defend the Groveland Boys and requested that Moore rouse local public support for the case. Moore immediately sprang into action. […]

Harry T. Moore’s ‘Plan B’ Lifted the Florida NAACP and Put the Moore’s in the History Books

  By Douglas C. Lyons “On May 27, 1946, the Budget Committee of the Florida NAACP mailed a letter to every important African American leader in Florida: ministers, educators, NAACP branch presidents and heads of businesses and fraternal orders. “It is common knowledge,” it began “that the steady growth [of the Florida NAACP] has been […]

Black Floridians Target the Democratic Party By Voting in Party Primary

  On May 7, 1946, blacks in Florida made history when more than 30,000 of them voted in the state Democratic Party primary. The idea behind the vote was to give  Black Floridians greater influence among the state’s dominant political party. What made this so unique was that the Democratic Party wasn’t the diverse party […]

Harry T. Moore’s Campaign Boosts Black Voting

  “Want another example of black political involvement in Florida? Take the 1950 primary race between Democrat George Smathers and incumbent U.S. Sen. Claude Pepper. In the eyes of Florida civil rights leader Harry T. Moore, Pepper was the only choice. To ensure black participation in a decisive primary vote, Moore organized a statewide voter […]

Christmas Day Marks the Death of America’s First Civil Rights Martyr

Who among us has the courage of Harry Tyson Moore, a Florida schoolteacher turned activist who became the first martyr of the Civil Rights Movement? True commitment to a worthy cause comes with a price, a cost Moore paid dearly. At 10:20 p.m. on Christmas Day, 1951, a bomb planted under Moore’s home in Mims, […]