Take the Florida Black History Challenge

Think you know something about black history in Florida. Well, take this quiz, and let’s see what you’ve got under the cap. It’s only 10 questions, and the chance to learn more.¬† — Douglas C. Lyons, founder of www.blackinfla.com.   1.) Name the first black man to step foot on Florida soil? a.) ¬†Juan Carolos […]

Racism in Florida’s Panhandle Fueled Early Black Resistance

“Due to the outbreak of World War I, the promise of employment opportunities sparked another wave of rural migration to Pensacola. White newcomers outnumbered African Americans and accepted jobs considered undesirable a few years earlier. Only menial labor or domestic positions remained open to blacks, and 60 percent of Escambia County African Americans had no […]

Happy Birthday Corrine Brown

  On November 11, 1946, Corrine Brown was born in Jacksonville. She would go on to become an elected official representing that part of the state, first in the Florida Legislature and then more than two decades in the U.S. Congress. Brown graduated from Florida A&M University, and she received a Master’s Degree in Education […]