My name is Doug Lyons, and I fell in love with Florida. Crazy, right?!

Blue Plate Specials, Cocaine cowboys, Hanging chads, Jeb Bush, Parkland, Red Tide anyone with sense wo

For more than two decades, I have lived and worked here. As a writer, former journalist and social critic, there’s no more exciting place to be. As a black man, however, the Sunshine State can sometimes be a challenging place to live.

I initially started this website,, as part of Doug Lyons Media, LLC. The site began as a celebration of Florida’s rich black history and culture. Yet, citing the black heroes and accomplishments of bygone eras isn’t enough. Florida continues to change, evolve and make new history. The challenge is keeping up.

I spent years on the front lines of history as a newspaperman, injecting a black perspective whenever needed in both coverage and commentary. That need still exists, and I hope this website will help meet that need. So, here goes …